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  • Football Schedule


    8.21.20 5PM Scrimmage (Moore, Shawnee) ((9/JV/V)) Del City
    8.28.20 5PM Scrimmage (Noble Preview) ((V)) Noble
    9.4.20 7PM Booker T Washington ((V)) Booker T Washington
    9.8.20 5PM Open ((9/JV)) TBA
    9.11.20 7PM Carl Albert (9) Del City
    9.14.20 5PM Carl Albert ((9/JV)) Carl Albert
    9.18.20 7PM Bishop McGuinness ((9/JV/V)) Bishop McGuinness
    9.21.20 5PM Guthrie ((9/JV)) Guthrie
    9.25.20 7PM Northwest Classen ((9/JV/V)) Taft Stadium OKC
    9.28.20 5PM Shawnee ((9/JV)) Del City
    10.2.20 7PM Stillwater ((V)) Del City
    10.5.20 5PM Noble ((9/JV)) Del City
    10.9.20 7PM Midwest City ((V)) Midwest City
    10.12.20 5PM Midwest City ((9/JV)) Del City
    10.15.20 7PM Putnam City North (Thursday) ((9/JV/V)) Del City
    10.19.20 5PM Putnam City North ((9/JV)) PCN
    10.23.20 7PM Deer Creek ((9/JV/V)) Del City
    10.26.20 5PM El Reno ((9/JV)) El Reno
    10.30.20 7PM US Grant ((9/JV/V)) Speegle Stadium OKC
    11.2.20 5PM Choctaw ((9/JV)) Choctaw
    11.6.20 7PM Lawton ((9/JV/V)) Del City
    • Title

    • Hudiberg Auto Group
    • Oklahoma Sports & Orthopedic Institute