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  • Baseball Schedule


    2.22.19 4:30PM Crescent (Scrimmage) (V/JV) Home
    2.25.19 4:30PM Bethel (Scrimmage) (V/JV) Away
    3.4.19 5PM Lawton Macarthur (V/JV) Away
    3.5.19 5PM Lawton Macarthur (V/JV) Home
    3.7.19 1PM Norman North (JV) MWC JV Tournament
    3.8.19 10AM Moore (JV) MWC JV Tournament
    3.9.19 12:15PM Cement (JV) MWC JV Tournament
    3.11.19 5PM Duncan (V/JV) Away
    3.12.19 5PM Duncan (V/JV) Home
    3.14.19 12PM Holliday, TX (V) Altus Tournament
    3.15.19 TBA TBA (V) Altus Tournament
    3.16.19 TBA TBA (V) Altus Tournament
    3.25.19 5PM Noble (V/JV) Home
    3.26.19 5PM Noble (V/JV) Away
    3.28.19 5PM W. Heights (V/JV) Away
    4.1.19 5PM El Reno (V/JV) Home
    4.2.19 5PM El Reno (V/JV) Away
    4.4.19 3PM Bethany Tournament-Tecumseh (V) Putnam City Original
    4.4.19 8AM Bethany Tournament-Putnam City (V) Putnam City Original
    4.5.19 3PM Bethany Tournament-Harrah (V) Putnam City Original
    4.5.19 7:30PM Bethany Tournament-Capitol Hill (V) Bathany
    4.9.19 4:30PM Altus (DH) (V) Home
    4.11.19 TBA NW Optimist Tourn (Start Date) (V) Away
    4.13.19 TBA NW Optimist Tourn (End Date) (V) Away
    4.15.19 5:30PM Eisenhower (V/JV) Away
    4.16.19 5:30PM Eisenhower (V/JV) Home
    4.19.19 5PM Crescent (V/JV) Away
    4.22.19 4:30PM Santa Fe South (V/JV) Away
    4.23.19 4:30PM Santa Fe South (V/JV) Home
    4.26.19 6PM Carl Albert (V) Away
    4.27.19 1PM Choctaw (V) Away
    4.27.19 5PM Midwest City (V) Home
    4.29.19 5PM W. Heights (V/JV) Home
    5.2.19 TBA Regionals (Start Date) (V) TBA
    5.4.19 TBA Regionals (End Date) (V) TBA
    5.9.19 TBA State (Start Date) (V) TBA
    5.11.19 TBA State (End Date) (V) TBA
    • Title

    • Hudiberg Auto Group
    • Oklahoma Sports & Orthopedic Institute