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  • Stella Immanuel’s theories about the relationship between demons, illness and sex have a long history

    Stella Immanuel’s theories about the relationship between demons, illness and sex have a long history

    Women were two times more likely than men to call off a relationship if the person they were dating had poor spelling and grammar. When someone is considered attractive, did it matter to survey participants if they had poor writing skills? Almost half (45%) of women said they wouldn’t be interested in someone with lacking skills, but only 24% of men said the exact same. More than 1 in 3 respondents admitted to cutting ties with a romantic interest because they continually made writing errors in their messages. Women were two times more likely to do this than men. Spell and You Shall ReceiveAlmost half (47%) of people in the study revealed that proper spelling and grammar were more attractive than receiving gifts. Women were seven percentage points more likely to feel this way. More than 4 in 10 respondents (43%) said excellent writing skills were preferable to insisting on paying for a date. Men (47%) felt more strongly about this aspect than women (39%). Nearly 3 in 10 daters said writing well was more attractive than receiving compliments. More than 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men felt this way.

    But when people are looking at someone’s online dating profile, what are some of the biggest turnoffs? For men, the top three things that will make them swipe left on a profile are overly edited photos (51%), poor spelling and grammar (39%), and immaturity (39%).roma marshalls stripchat Poor spelling and grammar (51%), overconfidence or cockiness (45%), and immaturity (38%) were the biggest turnoffs for women. Most Unattractive MistakesMany mistakes can occur when writing, but some were more off-putting than others to survey respondents. The study showed the most unattractive mistake a potential suitor could make was to consistently send messages too difficult to understand (74%). The next three unattractive categories consisted of people being frustrated with romantic partners misusing forms of words, such as to, two, and too. Half of the people surveyed were frustrated with misspelled words. Women were more frustrated with grammatical and spelling errors than men in all categories, but the most significant difference was when the words there, their, and they’re were concerned. Female (70%) respondents were seventeen percentage points more likely to be frustrated by this error than their male counterparts (53%). The writing error that both genders felt the most similarly about was run-on sentences. Intelligent Vocabulary Is KeyMore than 3 in 4 people found a high-level vocabulary attractive. Women were, again, more likely to feel this way than men. Only 9% of respondents felt this was unattractive, and 15% felt indifferent about it. Those using high-level vocabulary on their dating profiles were almost two times more likely to have gone on five or more dates in the past six months compared to those who did not. However, those who used advanced vocabulary when private messaging were ghosted more frequently. The most significant takeaway from this study was that people with better spelling and grammar skills were more likely to go on dates more often.

    If someone is scrolling through dating profiles, errors could make an individual less apt to give someone a second thought. So it might be best to take a second examine your profile if you aren’t getting many dates. There could be a easy fix to your problem: editing. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook6Tweet0Pin1 Posted in: Online Dating Tagged in: dating tips, grammar, Online Dating You broke up with someone great. Moving on isn’t about being enraptured by any intense emotion. It isn’t being petty. It isn’t being vindictive.

    Not yearning, nostalgic, or even joyful. It’s…calm…and content. Think about it. Saying “I broke up with someone great,” automatically will make you second guess yourself. But in a good feel-good way. Because the ex you broke up with is still human. Because the break up was great. In serving them, in serving you.

    They are great for THAT MOMENT. What better action will instigate change and your happiness? Who enabled that for you? Your Ex. Yes, your Great Ex. Yes, it’s a challenge to think in that way. That’s why you have to read on…Here are 12 reasons they are. 1. You Woke You Up. If it weren’t for the hardship, the processing, the idealization, and the fall thereafter, you wouldn’t see the world with fresh eyes.

    To all the possibilities.

    When it’s Men vs. Women, Everybody Loses

    The great eye opener. 2. You Want More. They sold you short. They were a great salesman. Now, you can see the gimmicks and the tricks a mile away. You know when someone is trying to pressure you into buying when it’s not mutual, and frankly, when it’s not beneficial. 3. You Love Harder. You were flighty, needy, doubtful, fearful, angry, and desperate. But you were also brave, vulnerable, sincere, and hopeful. They were a good emotional development. There is now a deeper and more colorful tapestry to how and why you love. 4. You Heal and Hurt in New Ways. They awakened your flaws. And let the insecurities sit by you.

    The insecurities bothered and hurt you at first, but soon you learned how to deal with them and eventually greet them, and finally– embrace them. Your ex was a great mirror. 5. You Want to Be Different. They were a great comparison. Period. In goals, values, ambitions. In growth. In the way you wanted to conquer the world. Maybe it was a healthy competition. During or after the break up, your desire to evolve spiked. 6. You Want to Stay the exact same. They were a great reminder. Of who you essentially are. Of your inner child.

    Of the real you. Of your idiosyncrasies. Of your individuality. You still never want to completely lose. 7. They Wake Up. You were not what they wanted or needed at the time. You were the great realization. That something was missing in themselves, missing in you, or missing in the relationship. 8. They Want More. You were the great desire initiator.

    Something in the relationship that you weren’t giving. Maybe it was more affection, more admiration, or more stimulation. 9. They Love Harder. You were the great game changer. If you both had something really meaningful, then their caliber for dating will change. If they mistreated you, lost you, and really understood the consequences, then they know to try harder the next time they shoot for love. 10. They Heal and Hurt in New Ways. You were a great soul shaker. Break ups are the epilogue of all the challenges and obstacles in the relationship. A break up is always ultimately two-sided. Whether you were the dumpee or dumper, everything that led up to the break up and after, will stir up their demons and later hopefully, their angels. 11. They Want to Be Different.

    In the same vein, you were a great inspiration. After the break up, they’ll process on whether it was a loss, an escape, or even both. And opportunity for them to stretch themselves out, run, and flourish. 12. They Want to Stay the exact same When they want to stay the exact same, the break up could mean one of two things. Breaking up with you could have reaffirmed to them what they truly value and find fulfilling. But it could also have convinced them they don’t want to change ( for better or for worse). They are and will be then just that. The great epitome of who they are. “Someone Great” is actually a wonderful movie under the similar title. It has the following treasure of a quote: When something breaks, if the pieces are large enough, you can fix it. Unfortunately sometimes things don’t break, they shatter. But when you let the light in, shattered glass will glitter. Your ex is great as they are great in their purpose of what they did for you in your life. So you can be someone great(er) and be with someone great(er). That’s right.

    Your ex may be great, but what’s in store for you is something greater. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading…https://topadultreview.com/ Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships, For Men, For Women, Self Tagged in: #dating, #empowerment, #exes, #Life #self #improvement #dating #women, #love, #newlove, #romance, #selflove #keeper #relationship #love, #someonegreatmovie, #women #self #dating Man, that woman’s stare is creepy, huh? She probably understands that this guy’s friendship is as flimsy as his post coitus chubby. Tis a simple question, no? If Marshall McCockNswag doesn’t want to date you, why is he still making an effort to be your friend?? Surely any man worth his weight in baby batter would not go through such efforts to hold on to a female friend that he doesn’t engage in coitus with… Right? Not true, of course. There are a wide range of different reasons why this is. There’s a post by the always insightful, sometimes super-heroic, Jeffrey Platts where he discusses the theory that your soulmate isn’t going to be anyone you know. I suggest you read it.

     His article makes solid points that I think we sometimes forget and it plays into why a guy will remain your friend, even if he’s not wanting to date you. You see, it might be that you’re unavailable or you carry that air of unattainable-ness (which you’re likely unaware of) that strings a man along. It’s in our nature to hold out hope for the things we want. For the sake of this article, I’ll keep the “hope” focused on interpersonal relationships.  Some of us live in clutter. No, not like the folks on ‘Hoarders;’ we keep mementos; we hold on to sentimental keepsakes; inanimate objects that remind us of a particularly fond memory.

    Penis Cake Pan!

    We keep this same clutter in our relationships, too. That is, we keep people around that we have an interest in (whether you want to admit to it or not) because it’s comfortable or, simply, because we admit our adoration for a person and secretly hold on to the hope we might be with that person some day.

    It’s not as outlandish as it sounds, kids. I know that there were a good three or four women I kept around as friends because I wanted to be with them. I’m not friends with these women any longer, because I learned this 1 p*ssy in the hand was worth the two p*ssies in the bush (really, no pun is intended. Honest). Letting go of those friendships came with the passage of time and hormones… And getting sex elsewhere. Also, I’ve kept friendships with women I absolutely had no interest in, but I knew the women had a passing interest in me. Oh sure, I loved the attention. Really, who doesn’t love attention from the contrary sex? I kept those friendships because it boosted my self esteem… truthfully, that’s what it was. Sure, these women were good friends, too, but there was always this annoying tension that had to be dealt with at some point. It wasn’t worth keeping these friendships just to feel like I was “the mother effin’ man” (clearly, if you ever say “I’m the mother effin man,” you surely are not). I culled those relationships in my life; cleared the emotional clutter and cut the crap. You might be asking “So, Alex, what you’re saying let me reveal that you think that men remain friends with women they don’t date because they want to sleep with them???” My reply is: “Um, yep!” I mean, chances are better than ninety percent that the guy is keeping you around to drop his love hammer on your muffin.

    Does this mean that guys only think about sex? Pretty much. I’ve said it before: “We men are simple creatures. Food, booze and sex, just add water.” Oh and when we’re ready to stop being selfish, then there’s room for love… Until that time, we’ll keep you around as a friend. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook24Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships, Tips & Advice Tagged in: Dating, selfish The first words you say to a girl you have just met determine whether she will dismiss you as a creep, friend zone you, or consider being your girlfriend. Many guys are utterly clueless about what to say to a girl they just met. They will either mention the weather or themselves, and bore the girl to death, flirt with her inappropriately, or even worse, they don’t say anything and let her walk by. Why…? Pedestalizing Most of the times, a guy could have trouble talking to a girl he has just met because feels like the girl is too beautiful, almost perfect, and, therefore, he is not worthy of her. He places the girl on a pedestal way above himself and then convinces himself that he needs some special approach talking to this girl. This mindset is most inaccurate, and it will always fail you. Pedestalizing is common But don’t think that you are alone here.

    Every guy ( no matter what he says), even many dating gurus and pick up artists pedestalized women when they started. Anytime you experience a gorgeous girl that you like you will feel anxious and become clumsy around her. It’s normal so don’t beat yourself up over it. However having a strategy for it will result in you unconsciously driving away girls that you are attracted to. So what’s your strategy? Here are 5 activities to do to help you focus on being who you are when you are talking to a girl you’ve only just met… and not a bumbling mess 5 things to say to a girl you just met 1. Excuse yourself for interrupting her Whenever you are approaching a girl, bear in mind that you are interrupting whatever she is doing. She may be trying to concentrate on the activity at hand, running late already or on her way somewhere. She, therefore, does not have any obligation to give you her time. As such, the first thing to say to a girl is to excuse yourself for bothering her. Excuse me, but I just had to know… I don’t mean to take up time, but can I say something real quick? When you admit that you know that you are interrupting her day, she will feel respected, and she cannot help but respect you back. She is more likely to spare you some time no matter how busy she is. I want you, and I hate to want things, and I especially hate admitting I want them. – The Coldest Girl in Cold Town by Holly Black 2. Introduce yourself It is a shock how many times guys fail to introduce themselves. Introducing into whatever you have prepared to say to the girl without introducing yourself first is presumptions. Introducing yourself shows confidence and gives you the girl a positive first impression of you. Hi, I’m Randy.

    I like your coat, the color is really stunning You, I have spent my life waiting for you. – Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr 3. Open up about yourself and common passions. People are attracted to people they feel are similar to themselves. Another reason why you should keenly listen to the information the girl gives about herself is to create a connection with her. When she is talking about herself, are you picking anything similar about both of you? Always make a connection first and then mention yourself later. At first, she may not really be interested in knowing you better. But by building a connection, she will start making time for what you have to say, and she will be attracted to you. Wow, you love writing? What a coincidence! I have a freelance writing business. Really? And thought it was weird that I would rather snack on celery sticks?

    So you are also not into snacks? I am in love with you, and I am not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasures of saying true things! – The Fault in Our Stars by John Green 4. Compliment her Girls love compliments, but you must be honest with her. For instance, if you like her, there is no reason why you should not tell her. In fact, if you don’t, she will be confused as to why you are interested in her. Compliments can be a hard one for guys. Here’s a quick guide to how girls think about compliments (from my experience) They want to be complimented on something they have done, chosen, thought about, etc. So here you need some empathy. While talking to her, think about what stands out and why. Once you’ve got something then throw out a line (like a fishing line) and see if she bites. If she doesn’t, keep going with something else.

    It’s hard to know if there is any history behind something, or her current view on it so don’t force the issue. Some of the compliments that you can give a girl include: You know, I really like how honest and open you’re. I like that you are different. Meeting you was the highlight of my time. I like the way you smell (be careful with this one) I have learned so much from you today Wow! You are really good at what you do! You have such a positive charisma So to reiterate, if the girl says something that you like, does something that you think is Interesting or exhibits a trait you love, simply tell her.   You made me feel alive again – The Iron King by Julie Kagawa 5. Appreciate her company Today was your first meeting the girl, so you want to keep it short. Do not buy up too much of her time.

    Thank her for her company and be clear about what you really enjoyed by being with her. Also, ask for her number or ask her out. (Remember to call, not text) I choose you over everyone else. – Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell The next step If you go for a date with the girl, you need to be smart so that you do not find yourself in her friend zone. As soon as she starts warming up to you, let her know that that you do not merely see her as a friend; you are interested in dating her. And do not play games with her. There are all types of relationship advice out there today telling guys to not text or call back within a certain period, play hard to get, give the girl silent treatment once in a while, or be vague about where the relationship is going. In Summary… Being confident around women you like is something that you can learn. So don’t stress about it because it will only make things worse. It can help to remember the reason why you are pursuing the girl in the beginning.

    That you like her and you want her to be that special person in your life. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook9Tweet0Pin1 Posted in: For Men Tagged in: advice, Dating, dating advice, dating tips, For Men, single, singles By the fifth date there are no guarantees that you have a long-term partner or someone who you are going to fall in love with. But you needs a pretty good idea by then if the fledgling relationship is something worth pursuing. So why the fifth date? Isn’t the third date the one where you should either be having sex or saying goodbye as a result of too many red flags? Well, that is the exact reasons why I recommend five dates before you take the time to seriously reflect on your prospective partner. There is excessively pressure on the third because of all the hype around sex. Some people give up at this point. A man might shy away if he has been rejected for sex and a woman might be reluctant to pursue anything if she thinks the man isn’t genuine. Alternatively if you have had sex, then there is the uncertainty of perhaps the other person is keen to continue dating or whether they will disappear now that the deed has been done. So whether you have already had sex or not, give it a couple more dates to avoid the pressure of the third and then have a really good think about whether this person is worth investing in. Naturally you will happen looking for red flags along the way. Many people could have abandoned hope well before the fifth date, but if you are still going then these are the qualities and traits you should be looking for. What To Look For They Are Fun: They don’t need to be super extroverted and permanently living on cloud nine, but you need to experience a little bit of fun for things to be worth carrying on.

    Naturally we all have different ideas of what constitutes fun, so it depends on your compatibility.

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